Prize pool
First, the funds purchasing the blind boxes during the white list period will all flow into the liquidity of $Love, NFTs can join Love Project when this process is complete. Afterwards, 80% of the funds in the blind box will be used to buy back $Love, with 10% flowing into the pool and another 10% absorbed by the project side.
After reaching 5,000 mints and when the game is over, the pool will go on with calculating and distributing. The person who draws the 5,000th blind box will gain 20% of the pool fund. Also, the player who draws the largest number of blind boxes in the season can be distributed 20% of pool fund.
Furthermore, if there is a lottery event during the game season, 4 winners will share 20% of the pool funds. The remaining pool funds will be accumulated by the project party to be used in the next season for marketing and project development.
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