Budding Love
How to start your love project
Love Project is a game that is played on a quarterly basis, so how do players start?
1. First, you need to draw blind boxes to get boy/girl NFTs.
2. After obtaining the NFTs, you can decide whether to let the NFT participate in the love project or not. If you decide not to take part in it, you can either put the NFT away or sell it out.
3. After participating in the project, boy NFTs will produce a fixed amount of $Love every day; girl NFTs will take a certain percentage of $Love every day until they get mature and leave. Once you decide to take part in the love project, you can also in principle have the boy/girl NFTs back off in the middle of the game. Girl NFTs can do so unconditionally whereas the boy NFTs have to pay some price to get out of the love project.
4. The accumulated $Love will be placed in your warehouse. When you claim it, you can actually get 80% of the income while the other 20% will be distributed to the girl NFTs according to their levels.
5. The game of the season will be over and calculation will be made when all the 10,000 blind boxes are exhausted,. Boy/girl NFTs who have not yet reached maturity and left can still produce/take $Love until they are mature and able to leave.
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